Venice {Where to Shop}

Where to Shop in Venice

Even though my trip to Venice was all about the art,  I did manage to squeeze in a teensy tiny bit of shopping.  

San Marco 3535
The small street is located between Campo Sant' Angelo and Campo Santo Stefano

My camera battery died, so you will have to head over to Elizabeth's blog to see the colorful ceramics that fill Rigatteri. This place is a haven for carry-on gift shopping. Stock up on spoon rests in the shape of sheep, onions, asparagus and eggplants. Tiny bowls that look like artichokes, tomatoes and cauliflower are irresistible. 

Acqua Alta Bookstore
Calle Longa Santa Maria Formosa (Corte Senza Nome) 5176 - Castello

Like many addresses in Venice, this is a difficult place to find. It was totally worth the effort. In this labyrinth of a place there are books in bathtubs, stairways made of books, precarious towers of books, lots of cats lounging, and a very personable owner.  

Where to Shop in Venice

Arcobaleno - Pigmenti 

San Marco 3457  

This shop is an eclectic mix of San Marco flags in every size, Murano glass jewelry, wax stamps and colorful artists pigments. 

Where to Shop in Venice

Where to Shop in Venice


  1. Oh no ! Your camera battery failed. Now that is serious. Not to mention aggravating, I bet. I love these photos. The shots of pigments are beautiful. Now I want to travel...


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