Scent of Capri

I have had the great good fortune of spending the past two weeks on the Amalfi Coast.  

Most of that time was spent in my friend Diana's beautiful house in Positano.  The last few days were spent on the enchanted island of Capri.

My pal Elizabeth is talking about Postitano this week, so I will start Capri.

First stop: Carthusia

One of the very first things I do when I get off the ferry is head up the hill and past the buzz of the Piazetta and straight to the Perfume Factory of Carthusia.  

Making perfume since 1681 only with products from the Island of Capri this is the perfect spot to find something bring back that will extend your time spent in this very special place. 

Everything is beautifully packaged and in a variety of sizes - from tiny carry on friendly to extravagant gift sized. 

Carthusia Factory

Candles and Guest Soaps make great gifts 

Next post I will tell you where to get this delicious looking drink

There are four shops scattered about the Island

Viale Matteotti 2D

Via Camerelle 10
via Federico Serena 28
via Axel Munthe 26 - Anacapri

For more information about the Amalfi Coast download my App Amalfi Coast Essentials



  1. What beautiful photographs! I have arrived at your site via Elizabeth Minchilli's posts on Positano. And what a surprise to find that you have written about Carthusia, one of my favorite makers of scents and home products.

    Coincidentally, I just received my annual bottle of my favorite, Aria di Capri along with a box of those very delightful guest soaps.

    I am so pleased to have found your site. I will return often. Thanks for soem very enjoyable reading.

  2. Now I regret not getting any perfume!!

  3. @AdriBar - I am so happy you found me! enjoy your perfume. I am a via camerelle girl.

    @elizabeth - i think that means we have to go back!

    1. Via Camerelle, Gillian - that's the new one, isn't it? My sister Toni is a Ligea fan while my niece Bree goes for Mediterraneo. And Jackie O. - she favored the old standby Fiori di Capri. Elizabeth - you must go! By the way the story goes that the Carthusian monks removed flowers that had stood three days in a vase with no change of water. The water smelled so good they used it to make perfume. Now I don't know about your three day old flower water, but mine, well let's just say it is no sin to pour it down the drain!

  4. There is also a shop in Sorrento!

  5. One, Happy Anniversary!!

    Two, I need to go to Capri.

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