Ladies who Lunch {Rome}


I rarely leave my neighborhood, in truth I hardly leave my street. There is little need.

I can have a glass of wine at Fafiuche, a quick pizza at Alle Carrette or long lazy Sunday lunch at La Taverna dei Fori Imperiale.

If I am really feeling adventurous I might head all the way to via Boschetto for the best lunch deal in town at L'Asino D'Oro.

 I am also a traditionalist.  Give me the bright lights and bad tablecloths and simple pasta place. In my early days in Rome, experimenting with "creative" cuisine was usually expensive and disappointing. 

In the past few weeks that has all suddenly, deliciously, changed.

Three new spots have opened in the notoriously difficult to find a good meal area surrounding via del Corso.

There is nothing quite like R.E.D. in Rome.  The enormous space is many things; 

Bookstore - complete with free wifi and comfy leather chairs you can lounge in and browse on a store provided iPad.

Food Market - with a small, nicely edited, selection of pasta, artisan sodas, chocolate , jams, wine and liquors. 

and all the way in the back

Restaurant - A large space and garden with spots for a large group or a solo diner.  The staff is friendly and informed about the very interesting menu.  Diana chose the  Risotto al Nero di Seppia with octopus which struck just the right chord between traditional and innovative.  I had the the Cesar Salad, which was crisp with the exact right amount of dressing.  For dessert don't miss the Creme Brule with raspberries. 

Artisan sodas, hard to find regional specialties, and potato chips 
The best thing for sale at R.E.D. 
A wall of red in R.E.D. 
Ginger is all white decor and high ceilings and those outside mist fans which are a godsend on a Roman summer day.  

Grab a girlfriend and order juices and smoothies and salads.  I need to go back and try the cupcakes.

Walking into Baccano is a little like going back in time.  It feels very much like Balthazar circa 1997.  That is not a bad thing.  Again, the staff is attentive and informed, the menu interesting and the food good.  The hamburger is lean, but perfectly cooked and a Brooklyn Indian Ale was the perfect accompaniment.  Jeannie had a crisp, dry, cold class of franciacorte and the salmon club sandwich.  The whole afternoon was deliciously stylish and sophisticated.  Baccono serves breakfast from8:30-11:30 and has a very interesting cocktail menu.  I am already plotting return visits.

Beer and burgers or francicorte and an elegant sandwich 


Via Borgognona 43/44 


Monday-Sunday  09.00 - 22.00
Via del Corso 506

Monday - Sunday 08:30-02:00
Via delle Muratte, 23


  1. "Balthazar ca. 1997" I am on my way already ;)

  2. What codecables said.

    Balthazar used to be my spot back in the day.

  3. Thanks for suggesting RED. Had a great lunch and chat. How was the Eliser del Prete? haha The fries and burger at Baccano look good. The next time you plan on going back there, I am a willing volunteer!

  4. Can't wait to try Baccano and Ginger.

  5. I need to try that Ginger place.
    Baccano's settings reminded me of a Parisian brasserie. Their fresh tuna salad is very nice and the Bloemen beer (a Belgian one) delicious.


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