A Sweet Break

This is not a post about cupcakes. 

Every year, and only in the months of May and June, you can visit the Commune de Roma's rose garden. {Roseto Comunale}

On elegant Aventine hill, it is a perfect place to stop for a break and literally smell the roses.

The site has been dedicated to flowers since the third century as was noted by the emperor Tacito. In the 1600's it was a Jewish cemetery and then it became the site of the annual Premio Roma contest headed by American born Countess Mary Gailey Senni, in the early 30's.


Via di Valle Murcia, 6

More details on Hours and directions here
Closed on May 18 and 19, for the  "Premio Roma"

History {in italian}

Need something sugar sweet? 

 Cristalli di Zucchero is just around the corner and has bite sized parisian style pastries. 
Via di San Teodoro, 88

or if you really want a cupcake,  take a stroll towards Campo di Fiori to The Perfect Bun Bakery 
Piazza del Paradiso 56

ok, it was a post a little bit about cupcakes.


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