New York New York - Roman Style

I recently saw a friend who has not succumbed to the pleasures of Rome. She misses soft serve cones and friendly customer service.

It is no secret that I have fallen hard for Rome's chaotic, seductive charm, but that doesn't mean I don't still miss things from the other places I have called home.

Friends traveling back from Southern Africa haul back fynbos honey and fudge from Woolworths for me. I fill suitcases with red hots and moon pies on trips back to the US.  At home I make Korean tacos and Thai risotto as a break from traditional roman pasta dishes.

Sandwich choices here are pretty limited, and while there are some really delicious tramezini and pizza mortadella there is not much variation (the exception to this is Tricolore's swoon worthy selection) I miss New York City deli sandwiches.

Particularly a New York City deli pastrami sandwich.

Last week at my local, very small, grocery store I found, tucked in a corner, a loaf of rye bread.

Now I knew you could find pastrami in Rome.

Add good strong French mustard and an almost New York deli sandwich is made.

I couldn't serve up a sandwich like this without a black and white cookie. They are super easy to make.

Now if there were only a place with a barrel of crunchy dill pickles....


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