Cocktail Hour

It has been a long wait for the return of Mad Men.  All those glamourous clothes and all that smoking.

and Cocktails.

There are plenty of places to have a drink in a pretty place in Rome.  But a real cocktail?  with a bartender (do i dare say mixologist?) not so much.

A few weeks ago the team at Young in Rome organized a party at the newly re-vamped Pierluigi.

Gabriele Guidone created three classics with his innovative spin.  A Negroni with a citrus foam, a Manhattan with charred orange peel and a Sazerac with a spicy secret.  He sources the best and most unusual ingredients around, speciality bitters, craft gins, lemons from a nearby citrus's like a very stylish apothecary. 

I recently paid Gabriele another visit with my pal and cocktail expert Elizabeth.  

I think we could be regulars. 


Read more about Gabriele and Pierluigi here

Ristorante Pierluigi
Piazza dé Ricci 144, Roma - Closed Monday
Tel. [+39] 06 68 61 302 - 06 68 68 717


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