Instagram guide to the island of Ponza

My latest Instagram guide is to the island of Ponza, seven thin kilometers of volcanic rock that sits in the Tyrrhenian Sea in between Rome and Naples. 

If you have been following me for a while you know how much I love the island. I have made dozens of trips over the years. I have hiked empty trails in deepest winter & snagged the last table at Bar Tripoli on summer weekends when every seat on every ferry crossing is full. I am sharing some of my island secrets in this post but there is much more (like hotels & ferry information) in my updated e-book guide, Ponza Travel Essentials. Email me at for details

Le Forna, Ponza

Ponza is a simple island with spectacular natural beauty. The superyacht that you spot in the distance just might have a famous football star or Beyonce, but this is not a luxury destination. There are no big-name designer shops and even the four-star hotels have a laid backed vibe. Don't come expecting Capri or Portofino. Think Martha's Vineyard or a groovy Southern California beach town and maybe you will fall in love like I have. 

Door with San Silverio in Ponza

Where to stay in Ponza 

We always rent a place to stay from Visit Ponza. Sometimes we rent a villa and sometimes we rent a room in the port, there is something for every taste and budget. Agenzia Maridea is another agency that rents well-located villas & apartments. 

Lunch view in Palmarola

What to do in Ponza 

Head to Frontone for an easy beach day. Buy a ticket for a water taxi from Cooperativa Barcaioli Ponzesi or Noleggio Azzuro and rent a chair and an umbrella for the day. Follow the signs & hike over the boulders and up the hill for a lunch of traditional Ponzese cuisine at  Da Gerardo (don't miss the small museum.)

Some of the island's best swimming spots are only accessible from the water. If you don’t want to skipper your own boat, spend a day with Ivana & Antonio on the Alma Ole.

Last year the weather kept us from spending the night at O'Francese on Palmarola, maybe 2020 is our year? 

Lunch at Da Gerardo on the island of Ponza

Where to eat in Ponza

We more often than not get trays of parmigiana from Pizzeria Ponzese to go to have for dinner on the terrace but two new openings that I am very excited about are the cocktail bar at Acqua Pazza and Oresteria’s new beach restaurant in Santa Maria, Ore Rock.

Where to shop in Ponza

I never leave the island without something pretty from Cala Corallo, lemon cookies from Panificio San Giovanni, jars of tuna from Ventoinpoppa and a bottle of wine from Antiche Cantine Migliaccio.


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