Thanksgiving in Capri

Thanksgiving in Capri

It is November. The days are getting shorter and evenings chillier. That means it is time to start thinking about Thanksgiving. This year I am going to do something different and I would love for you to join me.

My friends Holly and Gianluca and their intrepid chef Antonio   are going to prepare a Thanksgiving feast at their restaurant, Ristorante Michel'Angelo  on the island of Capri. This will be a true international effort with Australian, Caprese, Neapolitan, Canadian and Dutch collaboration. They are already testing turkey and pie recipes to make sure everything is perfect!

There will be all of the traditional things like turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, pumpkin and pecan pie. And a few Caprese traditions like pumpkin ravioli and live performances of Neapolitan folk songs all afternoon.

Ristorante Michel'Angelo is taking online reservations now. 

Autumn is a wonderful time to visit Capri. The crowds have gone and the weather is perfect for long walks. Are you in? I sure hope so, it is going to be lots of delicious fun. 

If you are going to spend Thanksgiving in Rome instead you can check my updated post or download my ebook Rome for Expats for ingredient resources and dinner and football addresses.  


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