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Tram Depot {Coffee in Rome}

Coffee in Rome I Tram Depot

Coffee in Rome I Tram Depot

I have been spending a lot of time on the sleepy Aventine hill these days. It's not my usual neighborhood so it has been fun exploring. There are the not so secret spots like the Knights of Malta keyhole and the Giardini d'Aranci, the place to live out your Grande Bellezza dreams, and the lesser known monastery shop tucked into the grounds of Sant' Anselmo where you can buy soaps, liqueurs and chocolate all made by Benedictine monks and nuns.

Last week I strolled down towards Testaccio, past construction cranes and what remains of the 3rd century BC Servian wall to Tram Depot which sits at the boundary between the two neighborhoods.

This place has long been on my to do list and I am so glad that I finally found my way there. There is one small, adorable, tram car that has been converted into a bar and tables scattered on the wide space next to a park and the post office.

They serve regular coffee choices like cappuccinos and espressos, but if you are a real coffee aficionado you can also try a single estate syphon coffee or pour overs. The person in front of me concocted a healthy juice with the helpful suggestions of the barista. My cornetto was fresh and flaky. I spied fresh pre-made salads behind the counter.

It was a perfect early summer late morning, breezy and sunny and just so pleasant to sit outside under the trees and read my book. I am planning an after dark visit soon because according to Instagram, the cocktails look pretty great.

Coffee in Rome I Tram Depot

Coffee in Rome I Tram Depot

Coffee in Rome I Tram Depot

Coffee in Rome I Tram Depot

Tram Depot
via Marmorata 13
Open every day 07:30-02:00

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