Hamburgers in Rome {Urbana 47}

Hamburgers in Rome

I haven't always loved Urbana 47, but I am always one to give something a second chance.

A few weeks ago, after our wonderful cocktail experience at Suburra 1930 we headed to Tricolore only to find it packed and with a long wait. That's what happens when you order that second cocktail on a Saturday night. We crossed the street to Urbana 47 to see if they could squeeze us in.

The staff graciously found us a great table next to the kitchen, we ordered craft beers and burgers and watched the kitchen theater from our chairs while we waited for our meal.

The burgers were delicious and just the right amount of messy, the mayo homemade, the crowd was lively and I have another neighborhood spot to put in rotation. 

Hamburgers in Rome

Hamburgers in Rome

Urbana 47
via Urbana 47


  1. Gillian...if you are going to have a burger in Rome...this is the way to do it! We happened by in October...loved the look of the place, sadly had already had lunch! Next time...does the Suburra 1930 across the street make a mean Negroni? We actually spent quite a bit of time in Monti this the area! A post I wrote about our time there, if you are interested. Got that ring (bet you know the one!)

    1. I have not had a negroni at Subarea 1930, but I am sure that it's a good one. For my negroni fix in the neighborhood I go to Civico 4 or Botega de Cafe in the Piazza Madonna dei Monti. (LOVE that ring!)


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