A Few Great Things {Gillian's Links}

Oysters in Menemsha

Tennessee Moon Pies

I am back in Rome after a lot of fun, food and festivities had all over the east coast of the US.  My brain is still a little foggy from the jet lag (and lets be honest, the not on vacation-lag,) there are suitcases (filled with that strange expat mix of things like Reese's cups, kitchen sponges and new yoga clothes) that need to be unpacked and put away and readjusting to a quiet house all over again. While I get back to my desk and into blogging gear, here is a roundup of a few great things I discovered over the past few weeks.

I was looking for a new book to read and my pal Cola suggested Barbarian Days by New Yorker writer William Finnegan. I can not put it down. 

You know I love Instagram. It is such a friendly, pretty place to spend my social media time. These articles from The Atlantic and in Vogue had me laughing, maybe just a little but uncomfortably. 

I am SO not a mountain person

I am planning to see this movie later this week. 

The world is taking notice of the migrant/refugee crisis that Italy has been long been on the front lines of. NPR's take on the numbers both puts things in perspective and is staggering. 

What are you up to this week? 

Berklee College of Music

View from DUMBO



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