Where to find a little Amalfi Coast in Rome

Where to find Amalfi Coast Products in Rome

Where to find Amalfi Coast Products in Rome

Just like Steinbeck says, the Amalfi Coast is like a dream with it's pretty pastel houses, that breathtaking windy road, the clear sparkly sea. It can also be just a little but out of reach of an overstretched itinerary or a visit to Italy at the wrong time of year. All is not lost though. There is just enough of the Amalfi Coast right here in Rome if you know where to look.

Where to find Amalfi Coast Products in Rome

Handmade Sandals are one of the most popular souvenirs from the Amalfi Coast. Right here in central Rome you can have a pair custom made for you on the spot.

Di San Giacomo
Via di Tor Millina, 10/11

I wear Eau D'Italie all the time. It is a tiny piece of a sunny Positano day even on the gloomiest February morning. Now there is a very pretty boutique in Rome where you can stock up. 

Via dei Coronari, 146

This mozzarella bar in the Campo di Fiori has fresh mozzarella from Campania delivered daily. They also have dried pasta, limoncello, canned tomatoes and olive oil for sale.

Ristorante Obica
Piazza Campo dei Fiori, 16
06 68802366

Take a stroll past the Terme di Caracalla to La Dolce Costa where you will be rewarded with pastries from Sal di Riso's famous shop in Minori.

La Dolce Costa
Via Gallia, 12
06 68135738

Come here for fresh mozzarella and to find Afeltra pasta made in Gragnano. 
Piazza San Cosimato, 32

Enjoy a Neapolitan style pizza in a lemon colored dining room at this friendly place not far from the Vatican. 

Pizzeria Amalfi 
Via dei Gracchi, 12
06 3973 3165

You see limoncello for sale everywhere in Rome. In the Campo di Fiori market and in the ubiquitous tourist shops near all the major sites. Please don't buy that stuff. These places have limoncello made by smaller producers using Amalfi Coast lemons. 

Faifiuche in Monti 
Eataly in Ostiense 

If you are really stuck, look for a Carrefour grocery store. they have a small line of regionally produced products and they make a limoncello from Sorrento

Are you planning a visit to the Amalfi Coast? Download my ebook Amalfi Coast Travel Essentials Guide for details about all of my favorites places. 


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! So, so jealous right now.

    1. That proverbial grass! I would love a St. John's creme doughnut and some biltong from Savannah :)

  2. Hah! That proverbial grass indeed. I'll think of you the next time I eat a St. John's creme doughnut (which will probably be this weekend – those things are dangerous!).


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