Hot Chocolate in Rome {Winter in Rome}

Hot Chocolate in Rome

Hot Chocolate in Rome // Sant'Eustachio

Earlier this week I talked about some of my favorite thing about winter in Rome. I left one pretty important thing out. I didn't forget. I just think that hot chocolate deserves a post of it's own. These are some of my favorite places to have hot chocolate in Rome.

A few words of advice first. The words to know are Cioccolata Calda. Look for sweet hand lettered signs in cafes and for a clear vat of melted chocolate being slowly stirred behind the bar.  There are two kinds of hot chocolate in Italy. There is the thick, almost pudding-like kind, made from a mix that pretty much every bar serves. That is not the kind that I like. It's too thick and kind of gluey for my taste. What I am looking for silky, melted chocolate that is thick enough to coat a spoon, but most definitely a warm drink and not a warm dessert. I think there should always be whipped cream involved. Either already on top or served in an elegant silver dish. With whipped cream, all ways are good.

Several Rome locations. I usually go to the one on via Giubbonari 53

This is where I go for a quick fix. This natural ingredient gelato chain has three hot chocolate choices Fondente (dark chocolate), Latte (milk chocolate) and Bacio (milk chocolate and hazelnut.) I am a traditionalist and really prefer my hot chocolate on the sweet edge of bitter, so I always choose latte. Another great thing about Grom is the option to add a scoop of gelato to your drink. Kind of like having your cake and eating it too, Italian style.

Piazza San Lorenzo in Lucina

I love going to Ciampini. Starched tablecloths, heavy silver, beautiful piazza, great street theater Camping has it all. The hot chocolate is rich and glossy and the whipped cream a perfect cold contrast.

Sant'Eustachio Il Caffè
Piazza Sant'Eustachio

Do you need a shot of caffeine to go with your chocolate? Sant'Eustachio is the place to go.A marrochino is what to order. A tiny, just bigger than a shot glass, is filled first with a perfectly pulled espresso, then chocolate and finally topped with whipped cream. It is a perfectly sized indulgence.

Hot Chocolate in Rome // Grom


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