Rome through Fellini's Eyes {Tours in Rome}

About life in Rome I often say "Fellini is not fiction" The chaos and grit are just as much a part of Rome as the beauty and the light. You can not have one without the other. This juxtaposition of the eponymous sacred and profane is what makes me love Rome so.  

The Rome that Director Federico Fellini showed us in his films is indeed the "real"  Rome. He often spoke of his lack of distinction between realism and imagination.  In Rome today as in the time of Fellini you can have coffee in Piazza del Popolo, walk the beautiful via Margutta and indulge in the pastries he so loved. While you enjoy these pleasures, you will most likely dodge errant scooters and be besieged with crowds and noise. That is La Dolce Vita. 

For Italian cinema fans Walks of Italy has created a very special tour that digs deep into the Rome of Fellini and his films. You will stand in the spots where iconic scenes were filmed, hear the music and sounds of soundtracks and learn about the city's ironies and contradictions that so inspired the famous director.

The famous term La Dolce Vita has acquired a saccharine connotation, leaving most with visions of long afternoons in sun soaked piazzas and glamorous zooming around town on shiny Vespas. To truly understand,(and love) Rome you have to learn to take her bitter offerings with the sweet.  

Next week there is a very special event here in Rome. Choreographer Luciano Cannito's ballet inspired by the film Amacord is being presented at Rome’s Teatro Olimpico from April 17th to 20th. You can purchase tickets to this extraordinary performance here


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