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Drinking Wine in Rome {Eyes of Rome Aperitivo Wine Tour}

The beginning of the year is the time to clean things up. I am back on my yoga mat and eschewing delicious pastries and bourbon cocktails. I am also tackling chores like that messy corner in the kitchen, cleaning up my iPhoto files and making sure all my work is backed up somewhere. When I get into the project zone I work, zombie-like, for hours. Not getting up to stretch out the kinks and usually only realizing that I am starving at about 4:30 in the afternoon. A time of day in Rome when it feels like everything is closed, my cupboards are bare and I am too addled to do more than eat a bowl of cereal before I start cooking dinner. 

Last week I had the perfect break from my late afternoon, all day project drudgery induced hunger. I had been invited on an Aperitivo Wine Tour in Campo di Fiori led by native Roman, Francesco Grasso.

Francesco owns Eyes of Rome a private tour company that has the perfect solution to the problem of what to do during the empty few hours before Roman restaurants open for dinner. That solution includes drinking wine in Campo di Fiori, eating cured meats and handcrafted Alpine cheese in the Ghetto and learning about Roman food and wine history in Trastevere. 

Currently this tour is available to book as a private tour. Starting in April it will also be available with a semi-private option.

Drinking Wine in Rome //

Drinking Wine in Rome //

Drinking Wine in Rome //

Drinking Wine in Rome //

Tours run Tuesday - Saturday at 18:00

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