Breakfast in Rome and a Video Postcard {Gillian's Links}

Breakfast Coromandel Rome

It has been an exciting, busy, week for me here in Rome.  

I have had an old friend from Zimbabwe days visiting from New Zealand, so I have been too busy eating and drinking and showing off Rome in the spring sunshine to get much of anything productive done.

So today I will share with you two posts of mine published in other places.

Read about my favorite breakfast spots in Rome over on the EasyJet Holiday Blog.

From the SFGate Blog take a six second Roman holiday with my Vine.(While you are there, check out my pal Browsing Rome's trip to Civita di Bagnoregio)


  1. Completely agree about Coromandel! Sometimes a quick espresso just isn't enough :) I'll have to try the others. Thanks!


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