Got Visitors? {Revealed Rome Handbook}

I know, I say it a lot. Rome can be a confusing, chaotic place. And I live here. Say you have some visitors coming to town, and your boss just handed you a giant presentation to draft and it’s one child's school play and the other ones basketball game. You can not possibly be a tour guide. Again.

The Revealed Rome Handbook by Amanda Ruggeri to the rescue.  I have been reading and sharing Amanda’s insider tips from her information packed blog Revealed Rome for a long time now.  Now they are all in one handy, electronic place. 

Basics like what time of year is best to see The Sistine Chapel and enjoy The Colosseum, pros and cons of Rome’s two airports, how to skip the lines for the Vatican museums and where to stay with fantastic rundowns of each neighborhood so you can figure out which one is the best fit for you and/or your visitors.

Of course there some really is great information for newcomers and residents of Rome too.  Instructions for things you would think would be straightforward, but alas, they are not,  like how to order coffee and take a taxi. 

Her handpicked restaurant and shopping recommendations (focusing on small, local, artisan spots) are extensive and very useful.

This will be the best 3.99 you spend all year.  At that price, really you should just buy a bunch of copies.

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