A Pilgrimage {Nepi}

Day Trips Near Rome

We are addicts.  

Acqua di Nepi addicts that is.  Many light green bottles of the slightly sweet and fizzy water are carried up the four flights of stairs in our elevator-less apartment building each week.

Rome has been excruciatingly hot this summer.  We needed a break and some air conditioning and cool country breezes. So we fled to the our very dear friends very comfortable Villa Torre Alfina near Orvieto.

On the way we stopped for a pilgrimage of sorts. To the source of our addiction, the town of Nepi, less than an hour from Rome.

Day Trips Near Rome

There is a small fountain under an olive tree that was flowing with ice cold sulfury water.  The fountain marked Minerale was dry.  

After a quick look at the fountain and the bottling entrance we headed to the town of Nepi for breakfast and a wander.

Day Trips Near Rome
Breakfast in the Piazza with the locals

Day Trips Near Rome
Trompe L'oeil 
The Duomo, built over a pagan temple was completely deserted on an August morning. 

Day Trips Near Rome
The Crypt below

A Nepi local on her way to sainthood

When the weather cools down an bit and it is hot spring season again we will stop in Nepi again and eat here.

Casa Tuscia

Via di Porta Romana


  1. What? No minerale water in Nepi? Quelle arnaque.
    The crypt looks wonderful. And cool.

  2. Thanks for for the intro to Nepi -- both the water and the village! What a gorgeous spot for a hot and thirsty summer afternoon.


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