Eataly - Ease and Beauty {Rome}

I know I know. There have been a LOT of posts about the brand new Eataly Roma. 

Here is another one.

It is fabulous. Homesick for Trader Joes or Whole Foods? This is the place for you.

Now you won't find cheddar cheese or sour cream here but you will find fresh buffalo mozzarella made on site and fresh local vegetables and bread made from Mulino Marino  flour and beer (complete with a Dogfish Head partnership) wine, hard to find liquors, bourbons and mixers and olive oil and gelato and meat and pasta...oh my!

Did all that make you hungry? There are restaurant stations throughout the vast space. You can have a quick snack or an elaborate meal

Everywhere you look it is drop dead beautiful. 

The best part about it all.  Everything about it is easy. 

There are shopping carts and elevators and plenty of parking and free wifi and all of the cash registers are open!

You can even buy the chic air conditioning units they use.

Air Terminal Ostiense
Piazzale XII Ottobre 1492


  1. I've read the polarizing opinions on forums regarding Eataly and especially Rome's Eataly (good gawd!) that it's almost like a 3-ring circus. What's really wowing me here is that you have pics! And a lot of them! It irks me that at so many chain stores like Esselunga, Auchan and even Ikea, cameras aren't allowed. Maybe I can persuade the husband for a fall visit to Rome.

  2. @rowena whoops I am always clicking away at Ikea and Auchan :) I am glad to hear the pictures are useful. check out Elizabeth Minchilli's video too.

    I have been back a few times. I still really like it. The food is good, the space is beautiful - particularly during the day - and the grocery section well priced and sourced.


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