What's for dinner?

Dear Husband is away on a work retreat for a few days...and it's thanksgiving week.  So I am not planning on doing much cooking.  I would be happy with cold cereal in the kitchen, but the teenager requires a bit more than that after a day or two. Thankfully there is a new place in the neighborhood.

LasaGnaM opened a few weeks ago.  I got a flyer on the car and promptly forgot about it.  It is pretty amazing.  Eight different kinds of lasagna. Four different kinds of tiramisu.  We tried traditional Bolognese and Romana (with artichokes and sausage) next on the list to try is the Calabrese, with 'Nduja.

The portions are perfect, the service lightening fast and super friendly and the tiramisu is so good i may never need to trek to Pompi again.

There is a large, bright area with tables so you can take a quick, affordable lunch or dinner or snack break (they have coffee and chocolate chip cookies and wifi and continuous hours) if you are near the Colosseum/Forum area.

Via Frangiapane 15-16-16a
open every day from 11:00-24:00


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