Cocktails in Circeo

For those last lazy HOT days of August we fled the relentless heat and escaped about 2 hours south to San Felice Circeo.

My take on this pretty seaside town is it's a little like Ponte Milvio by the sea, busy with well heeled Romans, good food, lively cocktail scene.

Now, I like the ponte milvio cocktail scene and I love the beach so Circeo is pretty much a perfect combo for me. 

My favorite spot is Tiki 100 meters above the sea on the edge of the Centro Storico

The ginger mojito is spicy and minty and just the right amount of sweet. They have dark and stormy's and non-alcoholic mojitos and cold bottles of manabrea too. There is sometimes live music and always a good aperitivo buffet.

Come here for the view.

My second pick is C1 in the small and chic port area. 

Loungey white couches and a decent (though not as extensive or innovative as Tiki) cocktail menu. 

Come here for the people watching.



  1. Still haven't made it to Circeo, how would you compare the beach and the overall scene to some of the other spots in the area like Latina or Gaeta-- have you been?

  2. @Kenny I have never been to Latina & only visited Gaeta in the winter. so sadly can't compare. Circeo is lovely, small & relaxed.


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