Along For the Ride {Perugia}

 I am pretty much always up for an adventure.  Dear Husband had been swamped at work (read. at work on saturdays) and the Teenager had been spending every waking moment at school preparing for his school spring musical or at band practice.  So when my friend Tamara asked did I want to go to Perugia with her for the weekend - of course I said yes.  I was less interested in the prurient details of the Amanda Knox trial than I was about the chocolate, but I hopped into the very cute cinquecentro and away we went.

First stop was the legendary Neapolitan mozzarella and pastry shop to grab a snack.

Our time in Perugia consisted of mostly eating and wandering.  This might just be the friendliest town I have visited in Italy. People were consistently and exceedingly nice and helpful.  

These are some of the places we liked best.

Via dei Priori, 39
 075 57 27 098

We liked this place so much we went twice!
make sure to try their piping hot torta di testa, fresh pasta and local wine and artisanal beer
They have a very economical “menu di lavoro” during the week

Corso Vannucci n.32

This is an elegant spot with wooden cabinets filled with chocolates and glass cases tempting you with local pastries.  The perfect place for  an early evening class of wine and light snack served by a winsome barista.  be entertained by the locals with their dogs who are all known by name.

Via Galeazzo Alessi, 10
075 5726924

A must on your shopping tour of Perugia.  The genteel ladies here are charming and funny and generous with their time and their incredible selection of designer fabrics.  

Via Bonazzi, 31
075 9660324
Fill a large box with a mix of hand crafted chocolates, stock up on jars of spreadable chocolate ( I am loath to call it nutella as it is infinitely better than the bland supermarket stuff) sinful chocolate liqueur.  There is also gelato and a coffee served here. 

On the way out of town this bland looking hotel has an incredible shop filled with chocolate and chocolate related items from all over Italy and Europe. 

On our way back to Rome we had time to stop in just one of the many many shops in Deruta.  This is one of my favorites for it's wide variety of cheap and cheerful to sophisticated artistry. 

Via Tiberina, 146  


The Hotel Fortuna was in a perfect location, has a killer roof terrace and our room had a nordic track!

Backround information and thoughtful commentary on the trial can be found here and here.  


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