Lunch with the Locals

I find the Tridente area of Rome a difficult one to find a quick, affordable and most importantly good bite to eat..and then friend at the British Council recently reminded me of this fantastic spot.

A pasta factory most of the 1:00 it transforms into one of the best secret lunch finds in Rome. Get there at about 5minutes till and grab a spot in this tiny shop filled with elegantly suited locals.

For €4.00 you get a plastic plate to fill with whatever the kitchen cooked up that day. That bargain price includes a cup of wine you pour from jugs of red and white on the front counter.

Via della Croce 8


  1. You are a genius, G.

    We must meet soon. Lunch in one of your secret spots...


  2. That is genius. I work near there on Fridays. Will go in and see...

  3. Say WHAT?!? That is the best local tip I have heard since moving to Rome!

  4. Good tip! I'll check this out the next time I'm in Rome!


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