Coffee in Rome {Vero Food}

Coffee in Rome

Ok (American's - I am looking at you) expats. No more whining you miss Starbucks. 

Take out coffee and blueberry muffins have arrived in Rome. 

Joining the neighborhood fast food favorites,  mondo arancina and gelarmony  is verofood

Cool white marble counters and groovy music make a welcome respite from the bright summer heat outside. 

There are baskets filled with baguette, bagel and tramazzini sandwiches. 

I had baguette filled  with roast turkey and san marzano tomatoes and mint cool-ish tea. 

Also on offer is sushi, ready made salads, smoothies, frullatti, tea, frappuccino-esqe coffee creations, brownies, cheesecake and tiramisu.

Vero Food

tel. 06 3213190


  1. I want to go, but the link doesn't work! where is it??

  2. I just walked past this place earlier in the week. I must check it out.

  3. That is a cool place!! I love your photos, I thank you so much for taking me there!
    Now, I am getting hungry:)

  4. Starbucks in Roma, this is horrible! The mecca of a perfect espresso is being butchered by Starbuck in Roma. Every time i slum it at Starbucks in the states all I can think about is a nice little bar in Roma!

  5. Bagels for real? What's going on with the blog?

  6. yikes - been neglecting the blog during the summer heat and only just saw all these lovely comments :)

    @erica & @spacedlaw - i havent tried the bagel sandwiches - but they look good!

    @imprintitnow -do not fear - it's NOT a starbucks...more like an italian incarnation of the starbucks idea

    @ chefchuck - thanks!

  7. and for anyone missing the Starbucks choc and cream frappuccino, the "mocha-cafe zero" made by Algida is a pretty good second best. Haven't seen it in Rome yet but it's everywhere at the sea in nearby.


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