Michelangelo, Pilgrim Routes and Gourmet Fare

Michelangelo, Pilgrim Routes and Gourmet Fare
Piazza Farnese, Campo di Fiori, Via Guila

The market in the campo di fiori is a manageable take on the traditional roman market.  There are stalls with honey and dried herb mixes for pasta sauce to bring back home.

Antico forno di campo di fiori – legendary pizza bianca also with toppings or go next door where they have ready made sandwiches...try an italian balony sandwich (pizza bianca with mortadella) then take your sandwiches to the Piazza Farnese and sit by the fountain next to the palace designed by Michelangelo that is now the French embassy. The flower end of campo di fiori

Have an after snack coffee at the pretty Bar Farnese. 

If you are more in the mood for a sit down lunch head the other direction to the Roscoli’s…there are tables in the back serving the delicious wares sold in the front of the shop.  The ricotta chocolate tart is excellent. Bakery - Via dei chiavari 34 and Enoteca via dei giubbonari 21-23

A stroll down the quiet via Guila is a delight, starting under the vine covered Michelangelo archway…at the other end toward the Vatican, don’t miss a scene straight out of The Soprano’s extras casting in front of the Italian governments anti-mafia office 

Staying with the Sopranos theme, head back to the Bella Napoli (across from the Chiesa Nuevo) which has the best Sfogliatelle in Rome – orange scented and rich ricotta in a layered flaky pastry…about 10:30/11-ish they are warm from the oven. Corso Vittorio Emmanuele


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