Instagram Guide to the Best Pasta in Rome

Here is an expanded version of my Instagram guide to the best pasta in Rome.

Who doesn’t love a plate of pasta? We are not afraid of carbs here in the Longworth McGuire house and Roman classics are what we crave.

I am an Amatriciana girl. My son Noah, loves carbonara , and my husband, Mark orders cacio e pepe. Every. Single. Time.

We all love Gricia (because guanciale AND cheese? )

Tell me your favorite pasta dish in the comments and make sure thhat you bookmark this mini guide to some of my picks for pasta in Rome

Trattoria Pennestri is deeply rooted in Roman traditions but not afraid to add something modern, like fresh mint in cacio e pepe. The seafood pasta dishes here are fresh and inventive. The wine list highlights lots of small and natural producers.

Pasta Chef/Al 42 Street Food Gourmet is restaurant-quality meets eco-friendly meets fast-food. This might be my favorite Amatriciana in town and is usually the first meal we serve a jet-lagged house guest who can’t face a long dinner out.

When I serve fresh pasta at home it comes from 
Fillipo Fazio aka @pippo_tortellino. His ravioli stuffed with mozzarella and porcini mushrooms or duck and orange zest are regulars on my autumn dinner table. 

At Giggetto in the Jewish Ghetto, sit outside with a view of an ancient temple to Apollo and next to the 27BC Portico di Ottavia. Don’t wear a white shirt because here Amatriciana is made with the impossible to twirl bucatini.

Ristorante al Velavevodetto is built into the Monte Testaccio and has a dining room with windows that display the layers of ancient pottery. After your pasta (and artichokes & deep fried lamb chops) you can’t leave without trying the tiramisu.

The fettuccine al limone is the only thing I ever order at 
Ristorante al Pompiere  and I am convinced the sunlit frescoed dining room in the heart of Rome’s Ghetto is an important part of why it so delicious. 

Close to Termini train station, Da Nazzareno is an enormous old school spot also has an amazing antipasto case and my favorite digestivo

Colline Emiliane 1931 is run by Romans but specializes in the cuisine of Emilia Romagna. Think comfort food like tortellini in brodo and tagliatelle all Bolognese. When I am in the neighborhood I often take a detour to stand at the window and watch the cooks roll out enormous sheets and silky ribbons of eggy pasta.

Would you like to know about more of my personal favorite things in Rome? Come have coffee with me!

Instagram Guide to the Best Pasta in Rome

Instagram Guide to the Best Pasta in Rome

Instagram Guide to the Best Pasta in Rome

Instagram Guide to the Best Pasta in Rome

Instagram Guide to the Best Pasta in Rome

Instagram Guide to the Best Pasta in Rome


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