Instagram Guide to the Best Coffee in Rome

Over on my Instagram account I have been posting a series of mini-guides to my favorite places in Rome and Venice. They have been a big hit.

I can only use 2,200 characters in an Instagram caption so I thought I would expand the guides over here on my blog. Let's start with my very first post. Keep reading for my guide to the best coffee in Rome.

My morning cup of coffee is non-negotiable. I drink an enormous cup of American drip-style that Mark brings to me every morning. This is the real secret to a very happy 26 + years of marriage. For every cup after that I head to the bar. 

Here in Rome, each bar has a distinct personality and purpose. Some are for quick stops and strong espresso and others for lingering and leisurely chats with friends over a morning cappuccino or an afternoon macchiato (or two.) There are historic and grand cafes and modern trendy ones. 

The general way things work is that you pay for your coffee at the cashier and then take that receipt to the bar and have your coffee quickly and standing up. If you prefer to sit down and take your time there is usually table service and an additional charge. 

My neighborhood go-to is Bar La Licata. Their cornetto stuffed with pistachio creme is the best breakfast indulgence. Every day at lunch they have a few pasta, soups, and salads to choose from. It also has a great view of the Colosseum.

Bar San Calisto in Trastevere is the most Roman of Roman bars. In the morning until well into the afternoon there is a table of locals playing a fierce game of cards that follows the sun or the shade depending on the season. In the evening have a no-frills negroni with a bag of potato chips and maybe see some live jazz in the piazza. 

While I have always enjoyed Caffe Sant'Eustachio until recently I didn't really understand how special it is. I knew that it was historic and that the method used to make the sweet creamy coffee was a secret but I didn't know about the family behind it all. Family-run here means dad is behind the cassa and daughter Federica is doing 101 things and son is in Brazil sourcing the beans. 

Since you can’t sit on the Spanish Steps anymore go sit down at Antico Caffe Greco. The velvet banquettes and art-filled walls were once enjoyed by Byron, Stendhal, and Keats. Thankfully the historic cafe has been granted a reprieve until at least 2021on their lease.

Faro - Caffè Specialty makes the only cortado in town. They are serious about their coffee and request that you don't add any sugar. They have an excellent brownie, good wifi, and occasional live music evening. 

You have to squeeze into the narrow space at Roscioli Caffè near Campo di Fiori but the pastries, my advice is to order a maritozzo, are worth it. 

Whenever I have to go to the post office afterward I head straight to Panella-l'arte del pane for a Cappuccino dei Carbonari. (To be honest, I never knew it had a name until just now when I was linking to their website! ) If you ask for it, the coffee here comes with a generous dollop of sweet, frothy, eggy, zabaglione

When you are visiting the Vatican or shopping in Prati the historic Sciascia Caffè is the place to start. Ask for a swirl of bittersweet chocolate in your espresso cup.  

Would you like to know about more of my personal favorite things in Rome? Come have coffee with me

Instagram Guide to the Best Coffee in Rome

Instagram Guide to the Best Coffee in Rome

Instagram Guide to the Best Coffee in Rome

Instagram Guide to the Best Coffee in Rome

Instagram Guide to the Best Coffee in Rome


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