Pizza in Rome {Eat Like a Roman at Il Peperoncino Dispettosa}

Pizza in Rome near the Vatican

When we first moved to Rome from Zimbabwe our list of desires for where to live were all about ease and practicality. I wanted stable electricity and water that came out of the tap every time I turned it on. I wanted a safe neighborhood where I could walk to grocery stores and coffee bars. It also had to be not too far from school for Noah or work for Mark. We ended up in Balduina, a very well appointed neighborhood just north of the Vatican that had just about everything on the list. 

As our time here in Rome marched on so did our desires and needs and we moved off the Monte Mario to Monti and have found another very happy place to call home. I loved our time living up on the hill. It took a long time to find another butcher I liked as much and I still think that the Castroni in Piazza della Balduina is the best one in town. 

The only thing that takes me back to the old neighborhood is that is where my dentist is. So you can guess how often that happens.  The other evening after a dreaded, but ultimately just fine visit, Mark and I decided to go back to one of our old haunts, Il Peperoncino Dispettoso, for a quick weeknight pizza dinner.

What Balduina offered in comfort and safety it decidedly lacked in a variety of great everyday places to eat. Pizza night at Il Peperoncino Dispettoso became an almost weekly affair. If you came to visit us in Rome, we took you there. It was where we celebrated more than one of Noah's birthday where the friendly staff happily took the Texas sheet cake I brought from home and presented it candles blazing to the birthday boy.

The pizza here is offered with an alta or bassa crust. The bassa style is kind of a cross between the chewy, pillowy Neopolitan style and the crisp Roman style, meaning it is kind of perfect. Mark and Noah always get the Dispettosa with spicy salami that is the next best thing to pepperoni if that is what you are craving. I love the Italia with a flurry of spicy arugula on top, so I feel like I ate vegetables with my pizza. The tiramisu is creamy with just the right amount of coffee bite and cocoa dusting. 

Maybe you can go home again. 

Il Peperoncino Dispettoso
Viale delle Medaglie D'Oro, 158 (Near Cipro metro)
Open every day for Dinner and Lunch (except Friday and Saturday)

Pizza in Rome near the Vatican

Pizza in Rome near the Vatican

Pizza in Rome near the Vatican

Pizza in Rome near the Vatican


  1. Annnd your blog has made me hungry yet again! This puts the (very sorry) oven pizza I had for dinner last night to shame.


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