Best Gelato in Rome {Five Favorite Places}

The weather is finally heating up here in Rome and it is the time of year when an afternoon gelato becomes a daily habit.  It is difficult to chose, because there are certainly more than five favorite places to get gelato in Rome, but here goes. My five favorite places for a cold and creamy treat. 

Come il Latte
Via Silvio Spaventa, 24/26

This is the most decadent gelato choice in Rome.  There are fountains of chocolate, dark and white that fill your cone even before any gelato is chosen.  Salted caramel and coffee are my favorites at this spot a short walk from Termini. 


Various Locations

The flavors here change every month, serving only the freshest, in season ingredients.  On a scorching day I love an icy lemon granita. The creamy coffee flavor is a great hot weather alternative to your afternoon espresso. 

Neve di Latte

Via Luigi Poletti 6

I used to go here when I lived high up on the hill in Balduina, bringing this meticulously sourced and decadently priced gelato to fancy dinner parties.  We have both moved to new locations and this gelato still gets my vote for the very best in town.  


Piazza degli Zingari 5
Closed Mondays

This is probably the Rome foodies favorite, and it is a two-minute walk from my front door. I like my gelato more on the creamy side, so I come here on the hottest of afternoons for the refreshing and unusual fruit flavors.  The peaches and wine is a little taste of my favorite spot near Positano right here in Rome and the wild fennel flavor can sub in for a healthy-ish lunch. 


Via Magna Grecia, 25
Via Stazione Vecchia, 10/12 Ostia

When I run away from home for the day to Ostia, I stop here on my way back to reality.  The flavors are inventive and tasty. New York New York with maple syrup and pecans is perfect for the last of the warm fall days before the winter chill sets in and Sweet Alabama cures any Reese's Peanut Butter Cup craving you might be having. 


  1. Finally, a vote for Grom! I love Grom. You are the first person I've seen to put them on a "best of" list.

  2. Delicious. I think I should just come back to Rome for gelato!!!

  3. I have to say I also love Grom -- just the other day I paired the lemon sorbet with their yogurt and it was so delightfully refreshing and tangy!


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