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How to Visit Venetian Islands

How to Visit Venetian Islands

How to Visit Venetian Islands

I have said it before. I love an island. Now that the crush of the summer season is winding down I am planning my autumn adventures. On my next trip to Venice, I am going to explore the outlying islands. There are more than thirty islands that dot the Venetian lagoon, some like the Guidecca, and Murano are well known but there are so many more to discover. 

Vaporetto Line 12 from Fondamente Nove

This is the island of your Instagram dreams. Row after row after row of candy-colored houses with contrasting curtains, doors and window frames line the narrow boat filled canals. Connected to the island of Mazzorbo, I get off the Vaporetto here and wander the quiet paths through local gardens and vineyards, past the 12th-century bell tower before crossing the little wooden bridge to colorful Burano. This island is also well known for the art of lacemaking. The tradition dates back to the 1500’s and while not nearly the wildly successful industry it was centuries ago continues in small workshops by local residents today. 

Vaporetto Line 4.2 o 5.2. from Ferrovia
Vaporetto Line 12 from Fondamente Nove

When you visit the famous Rialto market you will probably notice that many of the fruits and vegetables are labeled with the words Sant’Erasmo. What you might not know is that Sant’Erasmo is the largest of the lagoon islands and where much of the produce that feeds the city is grown. Rent a bike from the islands only hotel and you can cover the length of the rustic beach, green and purple colored artichoke fields, and lagoon backwaters. 

Vaporetto Line 12 from Fondamente Nove to Burano and then Vaporetto Line 9 (every 30 minutes) 

Torcello is the island for history lovers. It is one of the oldest inhabited islands in the lagoon and the one that is furthest away from Venice. Worth the trip across the lagoon is the 7th century Romanesque style Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta decorated inside with magnificent mosaics and the Museum of Torcello, which has a nice archeological collection. There are only a few families who still live here with most of the island being a nature reserve. Follow a little path to the Locanda Cipriani and order a Bellini, made with white peaches and prosecco. This famous Venetian refresher was invited by the owners' grandfather. 


This uninhabited island is a serious no-go area for Venetians. Believed by many to be haunted by 9th-century plague victims it is pretty much off limits. In the 1920’s the island was also home to a now abandoned psychiatric hospital adding to its spooky mystique. There are a group of Venetians trying to save the island from outside developers and there are ways to legally see this mysterious destination. 

How to Visit Venetian Islands

How to Visit Venetian Islands

How to Visit Venetian Islands

You know I am a planner so booking in advance is always the best option. Travel agents, such as Saga Travel will get it all sorted for you and all you need to do is enjoy and relax.

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